Engine Bay Heatshields

Intelligent temperature management

Intelligent temperature management is playing an increasingly crucial role in modern motor vehicles.

Heat-sensitive components have to be protected but at the same time, the exhaust gas temperature must be prevented from decreasing too sharply. This is because optimum exhaust gas aftertreatment that guarantees complete removal or neutralising of the pollutants in the exhaust gases depends on having a reaction temperature that is as high as possible. This also cuts cold start phases and the engine reaches its optimum operating temperature sooner, saving fuel and reducing emissions.

By sheathing engines with ElroThermTM shielding systems, it is possible to meet these two heat management requirements. Thanks to a cleverly devised material combination and a design tailored to the application, ElroThermTM engine encapsulations represent an efficient and reliable solution to thermal management. Moreover, they make a significant contribution to environmentally-friendly and fuel-efficient driving, while other benefits of engine encapsulation include a reduction in noise and acoustics are systematically controlled.