Specialty Gaskets

Highly efficient sealing

A flexible sealing system for the most diverse of applications.

Modern sealing systems can accomplish a lot. They offer a reliable seal to protect various media, including oil, coolant, fuels and combustion gases, from the atmosphere and mating components. They also act as a power transmission element between engine components in addition to carrying out vital secondary functions.

We have the right specialty gaskets for a multitude of sealing tasks in the engine, transmission, exhaust system and auxiliary components, including compressors and pumps. Every material and design is finely tuned to the specific requirement of the application.

Metaloseal®gaskets offer a highly efficient sealing system based on the elastomer-coated and uncoated metal carrier materials.

Elastomer gaskets include pure molded elastomer gaskets as well as metal-elastomer gaskets consisting of metal carriers with vulcanized elastomer profiles.

Soft-material gaskets are made of composite materials with and without metal armoring.