Underbody Heatshields

Thermal and acoustic shielding

Protecting heat-sensitive components from excessive heat is crucial and the demands on shielding technology have increased along with the number of applications.

Thermal and acoustic shielding systems help engine and exhaust systems to function safely and reliably, while also contributing to enhanced driving comfort and environmental protection.

In ElroThermTM Light and ElroThermTM D, ElringKlinger (GB) offers highly efficient lightweight solutions for all applications, made possible by innovative composite materials, even where very high temperatures are involved. 

One key area of focus in our development efforts is lightweight design for exhaust gas systems, underbodies and engine-level protection systems. Through its specific use of thin, low-density materials, we are making an active contribution to conserving resources and protecting the environment.

Modern exhaust systems and vehicle underbodies increasingly call for combined systems that not only protect from heat but also absorb noise.

For example, our shielding components ElroThermTM Acoustic and ElroThermTM D for exhaust manifolds and turbo chargers reduce heat loss and ensure that high temperatures at which the catalytic converter works best are reached as quickly as possible in the exhaust gas zone. They also protect nearby heat-sensitive parts from excessive heat exposure and absorb the noise generated by the vibrations of add-on components, ensuring the vehicle is quieter.

These combined systems remain just as durable in the long-term as all other ElringKlinger (GB) shielding systems.